The Meaning Of Life

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What is life?

Since Deepak Chopra was too busy rewriting the Kama Sutra, someone decided to ask Vidya Balan instead. The Parineeta girl tells us,

I was originally slated to do Run in Tamil. After the first photosession, they replaced me with Meera Jasmine.

Then I was booked for a movie called Manasellam in Tamil. This time I lasted upto the first schedule before they called me not photogenic and replaced me with Trisha. They said this even though I was well known in modeling circles for my beauty.

Now, they are after me to star opposite Kamalhassan in his latest.

That is life. [Link, requires paid subscription]

Oh, thank you, you poor photogenic vixen. That’s philosophy even we get.

Meanwhile, our reporters tell us that Vidya was also originally slated to do Godfather in Tamil. But then, true to form, she was replaced by the person shown in this picture. I like Vidya, but I think that in this case the replacement is surely hotter than her.

Looking forward to MPLJ

In 1995, there was DDLJ. In 2006, it’s MPLJ, a refreshing take on the Laila-Majnu story. The premise, the rumor mills say, is intriguing – the lovely Laila jumps, while the athletic Majnu pumps. Genius.

The B-grade movie brigade mainly manages to attract their target audience through sleazy posters and titillating titles. One such movie title happens to be Majnu Pumping Laila Jumping that has created quite a buzz


Bi-weekly Silverscreen Tip
Useful Acronyms : AC/DC, SRT and BRB
Useless Acronyms : FMC, WIFPA, IMPPA and ROTFLMAO

Introducing SilverScreen

Someone talking to me for the first time is usually struck by two things: How incredibly handsome I am, and how incredibly smart I am. If they can get over this, they’ll be struck by two more things: How much I love movies, and how much I love books.

Someone meeting Manoj for the first time is usually struck by two things: How much he loves movies, and how much he loves music. Ok, maybe they’ll also be struck by how smart he is. Whatever. That’s not the point.

So anyways, Manoj and I spend the better part of our days IMing each other. In normal English, capitalized first words and all. (The only allowance for IMspeak is the ubiquitous brb, which I thought was a misspelt female undergarment when someone first used it on me. Now I know, and love to use it coz it sounds so, um, kinky.)

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When The Behind comes out ahead…

From the weekly cinema features section in the DailyThanthi, here is an actual question and an actual answer.

Tweetie Bird, Tweetie Bird, my name is Rajkrishna and I would like to know how you would rank Nayanthara’s, umm.. ass?

I am the Tweetie Bird, and I would gladly give her umm.. ass 10 points more than her umm.. boobs. [Link]

The umms.. mean that euphemisms were used. Whatever. Maxim, you should go after other markets.

And to the gentleman that wants to know if the scoring was done right, here we go.

‘Cold Love’ indeed

Halfway during an Engineering Drawing Exam, when we were trying to draw meaningless criss-crossed lines, our proctor announced that Kovai Sarala was in the building. We flung our answer papers in his face and sprinted out like rabid dogs. Ok, so that didn’t happen, but I’m sure we would have. Let’s just say we were, how do you call it, desperate? Not so at Coimbatore Agricultural University.

…scenes involving Surya and Bhumika were shot at Coimbatore at the library of the Agriculture University.
…students were not allowed by the film unit to enter the library to borrow books. Absolutely irritated that they were being hindered from entering their own library by outsiders, the students have protested vehemently.

And before you ask, I only wish I knew the answers to questions like “Would it have happened if it were Simran?”, “Would it have happened if it were Namitha?”, “What or Who is a library?”.


Good Bye

Interviewer: You used to have 25 people in you. What did she(the wife) do with all of them?
Husband: She loved all of them!
Wife: No, there are some of them I don’t like!
Interviewer: Where are they now?
Husband: Well no! That was just me!
Interviewer: Have they gone?
Husband: Yeah!
Interviewer: All gone! It was getting too crowded!

I skipped dinner trying to figure that out. And dessert. And the rapid greying of hair began with the googly-esque “That was just me”. But the nail in the coffin, and I literally mean the coffin by my side now – the one I built from ripping all the furniture in the house, was the interviewer finally making sense of it all.

I spit on my education. My father wasted his money. It’s been a great life. Goodbye folks.