Mamta Mohandas Should Try Tylenol

Mamta Mohandas must be traumatized. And hurting.

And you would be too, if you had to spend a good four hours squished between a hard handle on one side, and seventeen love handles on the other. Especially if the thing sporting the love handles had an evil grin and called itself Nayanthara. Eww, just the thought totally ruined my sleep tonight.

After the aircraft landed at Doha, the capital of Qatar, enroute to Hyderabad, Mamta joined and plunked herself next to Nayan in the Business Class.

After the flight took off from Doha, Mamta did not care to speak or acknowledge the presence of Nayantara sitting next to her… [Link]

So let me get this straight. A lady is stuck in a gigantic vise that is constantly squishing her, and you expect her to carry on a conversation with the vise? Wow, man, give her a break.

During the in-flight service, Mamta accidentally spilled water on Nayan and muttered “Sorry”, no other word was exchanged as both looked through each other… [Link]

Nice try Ms. Mohandas, but coffee usually works better.

Later to rub it in at the baggage clearance hall, Mamta went up to her and told that she did not recognize Nayan “without make-up”!… [Link]

Wow. I mean, attaboy sweetie. You just earned yourself a few fans for life.

Rakhi Sawant Steals Cups From Mamta Mohandas

Have you heard of this TV show called Bigg Boss? The show, we are told, has had Rakhi Sawant on it, along with Kashmira Shah and a person called Amit and another person called Ravi. An A-list cast, although we can’t figure out why they missed out Meghana Naidu and Nayantara.

This show, which-I-have-never-watched-so-hold-your-sympathy, appears to have some type of voting thing going on, and sometime in the recent past, Rakhi Sawant was voted off it due to an altercation with Amit over something both of them had absolutely no right over.

There was only one fight with Amit. He started it and I ended it. I had a favourite cup, which had the words ‘the world’s sexiest woman’ inscribed on it. In the morning, I realised somebody had used my cup. I got angry, so I broke it.

I told Kashmira (Shah), and she told me to fight for my rights. I asked Amit why he used my cup. [Link]

Excuse my ignorance, but why is Rakhi not in jail yet for stealing that cup from Mamta Mohandas? I mean, why was she even allowed in the general vicinity of the cup? And why is Kashmira free to roam the streets when she is such an obvious accomplice to a heinous crime?

And Amit, although I admit you probably have a (marginally) better claim than Rakhi to that cup, you had no business drinking from it. None at all. Bad girl.

Silver Is Speechless in Malayalam

‘Tis the season for Southern Superstars to play dress up. Close on the heels of Rajinikanth prancing around in a blonde wig in Spain, Malayalam SuperStar Mammootty prances around in a tight football costume to promote his latest movie among football crazy fans. [Through Sify]

Even a Ileana couldn’t have saved this one.

Mammootty standing still for the Portugese National Anthem

At least we could look at Shriya in the Rajinikanth photos…

Suresh Gopi wishes he had kissed more

Gopi posing for the birds in his backyard

Suresh Gopi has done so many cop roles that he probably walks around wearing crunchy-shiny boots and saluting surprised DSP’s. Maybe even offers to look over F.I.R reports for the local circle inspector. Maybe.

Or maybe he is not all that deluded and like a normal star, prefers to have affairs with co-stars half his age & weight.

You are said to have an roaring affair with the young actress Mamta Mohandas?

These stories are a figment of imagination of some vested interest who are all out to spoil the reputation of an upcoming actress. I have nothing more to say about this. Link

Mamta ‘the only Mallu girl we like’ Mohandas

Funny. So I guess his reputation is still intact or maybe even improved. And why?

The lip-to-lip kissing scene in Lanka (with the ‘upcoming actress’) was criticized by purists in Kerala. Your comments?

Lanka failed as the story did not reach out to the people in the correct manner. If that was possible, the same audience would have accepted not only this 3 minute kissing scene but a 10 minutes one (smiles). Link

He failed to add that correct manner was Malayalam movie jargon for ‘so high on ganja that audiences think they are making out with Mamta Mohandas’. But since the story was incorrectly mannered, so to speak, the same audience throw up a little every time they see a Suresh Gopi poster. Right after they salute it.