Sneha Saves Sandhya

Sandhya and Sneha, bless their souls, were returning home on New Year’s Eve when disaster seems to have struck. Sandhya’s rickety old car somehow managed to entangle itself in some quality Chennai slush.

After completing their commitments for a private television channel for a new-year day programme, both Sneha and Sandhya were returning on the ECR in their car. Unfortunately Sandhya’s car got struck and it could not be moved. It was Sneha who rushed to Sandhya’s rescue. [Link]

“Auntyji, if you ever have a flat, give me a call. I got several tires I can spare,” a grateful Sandhya is reported to have said to Sneha before leaving.

One Reply to “Sneha Saves Sandhya”

  1. karthik, that was devilishly brilliant.Flat tires – man, how do you think of such brilliant associations – whither your inspiration comes from?

    But do you think Sneha would need to look to others for tires ? 🙂

    BTW, you are a strict stickler for slim, svelte ones(only)?

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