Fire At Vijaykumar’s House

The hottest news out of Chennai today is that there was some sort of fire at the house of actor Vijayakumar. Vijayakumar, incidentally, has four kids, all of whom have been in movies at one time or the other. The kids managed to land roles mostly because of Vijayakumar calling in debts from his old producers.

“Remember when I acted in your movie? I acted so much in that role, you owe me big. Now please give my daughter a role, even though she can’t act. After ten movies, we’ll be even.”

If I know my math, there is still a lot of roles left to collect, especially from the producer of Kizhakku Cheemyile. Anyways, here is what happened yesterday:

Fire broke out in the house of actor Vijayakumar at Ekkaduthangal in Chennai on Tuesday. The actor was living in the house along with his son Arun Vijay, who got married recently.

Arun Vijay was the one who saw the billowing flames emanating from the bedroom in the first floor of the office. He immediately alerted Fire Service personnel.

Fire and Rescue Service personnel reached the spot and doused the fire. [Link]

Investigators can safely rule out members of Vijaykumar’s household as possible arsonists. They just aren’t that hot, plus Sridevi was probably shooting in Hyderabad…. On second thoughts, investigators should probably try to find out why the fire didn’t die by itself when it looked at Arun Vijay. I think there might be a Nobel in there somewhere.

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