Darna zaroori hai

Prashant Raj Sachdev who? That was our question also. So we dug and dug, and then we wished we hadn’t. We’re told that Sachdev is the new Jai in the new Sholay. [Link] And no, we aren’t talking about the new Bhojpuri Sholay. [Link]

Sachdev revealed the secret casting process behind his landing the role:

After answering his queries about my past, modelling, race, shows, what I felt about acting, my thoughts on acting, what an actor is all about, what acting means to me, Ramuji asked me to do something for him.

I knew instinctively this was the time. I spread my arms on the chair, looked at him and said, ‘Do you think I don’t know how to act? I have not come so far to waste time!’[Link]

That outburst worked, and he was cast as Jai. What’s more, Sachdev has even been learning a little bit about how movies get made:

My entire perception of what acting was all about was completely trashed. There was a shot where I am supposed to be resting by the bar with Ajay Devgan. But there is no Ajay. I am talking to a plant or a leaf. That’s what acting is all about. [Link]

Imagine, someday he might even be shown a green screen! Sachdev also admitted to being genetically challenged, and a shape-shifter among other things:

As a school kid Raj says he was “tall, skinny, had thin, long arms, (was) pigeon-chested, (with) thin legs and calves with a wide waist.

I started going to gym but saw no changes even after three months. My instructor told me that I was not genetically gifted. Today, I am proud of having been able to change my body shape. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it[Link]

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