Actress loses valuable data

It distresses us to see more and more examples of technologically-challenged actresses. First, there was the incident involving a crow [Link]. Now, we hear one more cell phone’s been lost. Vindya lost her cellphone on her way to Bahrain.

S*ardonic’s investigations have so far revealed no animal or avian plot behind this incident. Clearly, the animal kingdom is falling in line with human thinking on the issue, and exhibiting no interest whatsoever in Vindya.

Our leg work did help us find out that having been booted out of the movie industry, the actress appears to have taken up boot-legging data instead:

The mobile, which was worth Rs. 30 thousand rupees had valuable data of VIPs and film folks.” [Link]

Assorted VIPs and film folks mentioned above heaved a sigh of relief as Vindya went on to admit that she has neither a head for numbers nor back up for her, er, valuable data.

I have no back up for the important telephone numbers, which were stored in that phone. I could not even recollect my father’s number, I relied a lot on that phone. [Link]

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  1. When Paris Hilton’s cell was lost, we experienced a mini-earthquake on the net.
    I hope we don’t have any tsunamis laying vast servers waste given these two recent events (after all, size does matter)…

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