It’s better to let John Abraham talk

Done with baring his soul, blathering Bollywood hunk John Abraham has moved on to baring his body. Drink it in while it lasts, because Mahesh Bhatt says it won’t last too long.

However, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, says, “By shedding clothes, these girls manage to cater to the popular demands of the commercial cinema. But after they have reached a certain point, these girls succumb to the old middle-class milieu…” [Link]

Oh wait, that was Bhatt talking about girls… but John is such a sensitive guy, so the quote partly applies to him.

Tired of looking at John Abraham’s hairless chest? Wait for Anurag Kashyap’s No Smoking. In the film you will get to see more than that, with John doing the Full Monty? derriere included. [Link]

For the average moviegoer, this isn’t such a big deal. Most of us are used to crying “What an ass!” when John appears on screen, so this’ll be just another day at the theaters for us.

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  1. hey, a cute butt is far better than paedophilistic worship of kids like ileana :P. might even turn out to be better worth the buck than shivaji and guru put together.

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