Dino has bum chums

One time in college, I had to endure a crash course in Tamil Cussin-guistics from a classmate, after I had just popped his head with a water-filled plastic bag. Not too pleasant an experience. I never knew my great-uncle’s niece, farm animals & construction equipment could be used in the same sentence with such biting effect.

Not Dino Morea, but close

But those were mere words that healed over time. I fear a worse fate for Dino Morea.

Actor Dino Morea admits to playing pranks on Celina Jaitley – his co-star in “Tom Dick & Harry” – like pouring vodka into her coffee and tying her down to a chair! “Another time Celina was wearing this elaborate dress with lots of frills. I tied her dress to the chair. When she got up, the chair came with her,” he added. Link

Call me an alarmist, but that sounds like the opening of every serial-killer-rapist movie ever made. And he’s not scoring any more points with his explanation.

If there was an award for Mr Congeniality, I’d win pants down.” Link

Huh? Pantless awards? What next? Pantless bonding with co-stars?

Dino’s bonding with the other male leads – Anuj Sawhney and Jimmy Shergill – was equally good. “All three of us are like bum chums on screen, no pun intended.” Link

When chemists die, we Barium – THAT is a pun. “We are like bum chums” is a not-so-subliminal confession. But wait, what about all the vodka flavored bondage action with the ladies? I’m a little confused. But we’ll figure it out Dino, while we await you outside the closet.

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  1. Good post – just as I was recovering from the pants down part, the man hits you with bum-chums… Do they perform a complete lobotomy before they let someone become a celebrity? Looks like Mr. Morea got the full package…

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