To show or not to show

The Mid Day reports that Tanushree Dutta, former Miss Universe has done something totally out of character: A No Show.

At a recent award ceremony, a Diva act was on the schedule, starring Tanushree Dutta, Koena Mitra and Udita Goswami, and choreographed by Ganesh Hegde — but when Tanushree’s name was announced on stage, the actress didn’t turn up.

Frantic calls were made to locate Tanushree, but nobody could trace her. Finally, after Udita’s songs, Koena had to come out and do her medley.

Ganesh was very depressed. Half an hour after the show ended, somebody saw Tanushree wandering around. [Link]

Poor Tanushree. Cut her some slack will ya? It is not like she is a habitual no-shower. See this if you don’t believe me.

And in other news, Rakhi Sawant is getting hounded for showing a bit too much.

Sawant performed in a skimpy costume at Kolhapur on May 18 as a brand ambassador for a well-known beer brand, inviting the ire of police who registered a case.

“The performance and her gestures were leading to a law and problem, as a result of which we asked the organiser to stop the show and they complied with our orders,” Singh said… [Link]

What’s a girl to do these days? And why do newspapers report things without backing them up with pictures?

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