Lolita in Hindi

It is widely believed that Nishabd, Ram Gopal Varma’s next movie starring Amitabh Bachchan is loosely based on Nabokov’s Lolita.

The film revolves around a 54-year old married man, played by Bachchan who falls in love with a girl, 36 years younger than him. Newcomer, Jia will play Bachchan’s love interest. They believe that a new face will make the character more believable. [Link]

However, amid mounting criticism, Varma has denied that it is a Lolita remake.

Close on the heels of Mahesh Bhatt and the rest of ‘Gangster’ cast and crew denying that the film is nothing like Abu Salem’s real life, even Ram Gopal Verma has gone ahead and said that his ‘Nishabd’ doesn’t have anything to do with the yesteryear’s classic Lolita. [Link]

We know better than to believe these denials, don’t we? How depraved! Where is Bollywood leading India to? What about our culture? Won’t they learn from the South, where they make movies that reflect Indian values better?

No Lolita, this

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When we tried to contact South SuperStar Rajinikanth to find out what he though about Nishabd, we were told he was unavailable. The 58 year old actor is currently shooting for his movie Shivaji, in which he pairs with 21 year old Shriya Saran.

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  1. have always felt there was more material for the ppl at thesuperficial if they were to include desi cinema. and here we go .. nice 🙂 …

    now if this were to get tat caustic and/or popular ..this note is to help remember i (and definitely not the writers) was the yoda and all 😛

  2. It makes me want to puke the way older actors are paired with much much younger acresses. And Hollywood is no exception to this either. So they don’t need a pretext of Lolita for this.

  3. Sudha, you got it. Superficial was the inspiration (at least for one of the authors) and our idea was an edgy desi blog along those lines.


    Nithya, puke away 😉

  4. bahahahahahahahahaha! the rajini one was funny! Indian culture portrayed by bollywood is going down the drain…arent movies supposed to be movies? Now thats a question.

    I think Lolita has been remade a billion times, it could the kind of remakes if we can count all the remakes ever remade in these years.

  5. Its kinda strange the opposite is never accepted! Even if directors were to push the envelope, there is only so much they are allowed to do.

    For example, Farhan Akthar had to kill off Dimple in Dil Chahta hai. They just cant get married and live happily ever after. Thats just not done, the “public” wont accept that.

  6. Sudha, oh you get a lot of credit alright… we were ecstatic when you mentioned us in the same breath as thesuperficial.

    Ok, ok, not ecstatic, but pleased. But that doesn’t take any credit away from you 🙂

    Cipher, you liar 🙂

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